Volunteer Info

Volunteer Requirements  

Our club runs on volunteers. We need help from our members for many reasons, the main reason being  to keep our registration costs as low as possible. We have many different volunteer opportunities  throughout the season ranging from collection of auction items, selling raffle tickets, working events on  and off the snow, plus many more.  

In addition to volunteers for off-mountain events and fundraisers, the club relies solely on volunteers to  host races. Races are a large part of the club’s purpose. Further, the races we host bring clubs from  other ski resorts, allow our athletes to race on their home mountain, bring in revenue for the club, and  allow members of our local community to participate in races.  

Volunteer Deposit  

A refundable volunteer credit deposit will be collected with registration fees. The deposit amount will  be reviewed annually and published with registration fees. 

The volunteer credits will be refunded at the end of the season on an “all or nothing” basis. Meaning, all  credits must be fulfilled to receive a refund of the deposit. 

Volunteer Credits 

Each family must fulfil a minimum of four (4) volunteer credits. 

Volunteer credits are defined as: 

  • Off-mountain credits: one (1) credit = 8 hours of volunteer time. 

ο Partial credit may be given if the full 8 hours is not completed per event. For example, if a  volunteer works 4 hours at an event, one-half (0.5) credit may be given. 

ο Due to the need for race and event day operations, off-mountain credits may not be substituted  for race-day credits. 

  • On-mountain race- and event-day credits: one (1) credit = one (1) complete race or event day (6-9  hours on the mountain) 

ο Volunteers must complete at least 2 race- or event-day credits to qualify for the volunteer  deposit refund.  

ο A maximum of 2 credits may come from USASA events.